Tree Pose – Vrksasana



Vrksasana also known as Tree Pose is a standing balancing asana. Tree Pose benefits include improving balance and coordination in the body. This pose builds strength in the legs and feet.

It stretches the groin, abdominal muscles, and arms. Tree Pose has been known to fortify your root chakra “Muladhara”. This pose can be done against a wall for support or standing on a mat. 

  1. Start standing in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) root your feet firmly into the ground. Bring your hands together at your heart center.
  2. Standing tall and firm, inhale and lengthen up through the torso. Your arms should be by your side with palms facing out. 
  3. Start to establish a steady breath by breathing in and out of the nose. 
  4. Begin to start balancing by shifting weight into your right foot as you lift your left foot off the ground.
  5. For beginners, bring your left foot to the middle of the calf. 
    • For more advanced practitioners, bring your left foot to the middle of your right thigh above the knee cap. 
  6. Once balanced, bring your hands back to your heart center and breathe. After a few breaths, extend your arms up and out. Inhale and exhale three times. 
  7. Slowly bring your hands down and release your left leg. 
  8. Shake your legs out before moving to the second side. Take a few cleansing breaths by breathing in through the nose and out of the mouth. 
  9. Shift weight to the left foot and bring your right foot up. 
  10. Slowly bring the left foot to the middle of your right calf or to the middle of your right thigh.
  11. Bring your hands to your heart center while continuing to breathe in and out of the nose.
  12. Bring your arms up and out to the side like a tree. 
  13. While balancing and breathing, repeat a few positive affirmations. 
  14. Slowly bring your right leg down and come back to Tadasana. 
  15. Bring your hands back to your heart center and breathe. 

Remember that it is ok to fall out of this pose, that is all apart of the practice. What matters most is that you tried. Continue to practice Tree Pose (10-20 second hold) in order to improve your balance and coordination. Over time, you will find that you can hold the pose longer. 

Thank you for practicing with Stretch And Restore Yoga, Namaste. 

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  1. Carol Smalls

    Christal thank you for introducing me to yoga, it has become an very important practice in my life, in means of all measures. I have learn to become patient and most importantly balanced! I mediate while clearing my thoughts. The tree pose is inspiring because it is what it is, and that is teaching me to balance not only my body, but my mind and every aspect of my life! For this, I thank you!🙏🏾 💜

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